Blank [Fr] Campus ADN 2018-2019 2019

Caught in the infinite routine of the Metropolis, a city where nobody is allowed to have a head, Blank feels an urgent need to escape from this suffocating world. Filling the hole above his neck by a mannequin head, he begins his journey towards freedom where he’ll meet several colourful characters along the way and discovers the secrets of the Metropolis, the Headless people and his own identity. It’s gameplay is based on one main mechanic: Perspectives. It’s a power that allows you to make different elements of your environment appear and disappear. Furthermore, you’ll have to solve navigation puzzles in order to reach your next objective and progress in the game and this, without being seen by any enemies that might be lurking around. It's a school project developed by Campus ADN’s class of 2018-2019 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It’s one of the two games of the cohort, along with the other game Ope, also available on Steam. Blank was created in only 15 weeks of production by a team of 27 devoted students enrolled in Animation, Level Design and Modeling programs during their third semester, under the lead of local industry professionals. This game requires a controller and is currently only available in French.
Steam - French Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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