Kesha Parrot: Have you been to Tahiti? [Ru] Burut CT / Akella 2006

Ah, how ravenly Klara’s rave talked about the island with the captivating name Tahiti. How could the restless Kesha resist the temptation and not go to its sunny beach? And with the pot-bellied cat Vasily, the prodigal set off on a journey full of surprises. Friends will find an adventurous journey on the coast of Tahiti, a meeting with wild natives and a bold struggle to save the beautiful tropical nature. Ahead lies an exotic island where Keshe will visit a mysterious cave, find a treasury, visit an unknown hall of shadows and survive many more amazing adventures. Features: A fascinating story about the new adventures of the Kesha parrot based on the children's book; A cheerful and kind atmosphere of a colorful cartoon; Numerous educational mini-games; Easy to learn management.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 530+100MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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