Planet Alcatraz 2 1C Company 2008

After Boar and his friends completed their mission, locating and stopping the prisoners who were trying to escape from Planet Alcatraz, few people doubted that Sergeant Hartman, one of the special agents who got lost during the initial infiltration, was dead. However, in reality Hartman was captured by a gang of criminals known as "Policemen", and brought to their outpost in the northern part of the planet. Now this trained military man must find a way to escape from their clutches and gain back his freedom. This sequel to Planet Alcatraz despite being a standalone game, it is highly similar to its predecessor, to the point of resembling an add-on. With the exception of one location, all explorable areas are the same as in the first game. The gameplay is nearly identical as well: visually resembling Neverwinter Nights 2, this role-playing game utilizes a Fallout-like skill system and overworld traveling, while opting for real-time-with-pause combat. The player starts with Hartman alone, but three other characters can join him over the course of the game. Differences include slightly improved graphics, tweaks applied to combat engine (e.g. player-controlled characters can now turn around and pick up dropped weapons automatically), random mobile encounters on the world map instead of pre-set ambushes, and a default mode that eliminates character creation, manual character-building, friendly fire, and a few other features. The player, however, can opt to switch to the more advanced mode when the game starts.
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