Little Mermaid, The: Wedding [Ru] WaterFall Interactive / 1C 2008

“And they lived happily ever after ...” - usually fairy tales end at this most interesting place, and one can only guess about the fate of their favorite heroes. Fortunately, our story continues. The little mermaid Eileen and the handsome Prince, well known to young players in the first part of an interactive magical adventure, defended their love and are now preparing for a magnificent wedding. To make everything go, as in a real fairy tale, Eileen is busy carefully preparing for the upcoming celebration: decorates the gazebo, chooses an outfit and jewelry, collects bouquets, prepares a cake. To help her in these and many other pleasant troubles is a matter of the most quick-witted and skillful. Meanwhile, the wicked witch Laura, eager to avenge her defeat and ruin the holiday, kidnaps the Prince. The little mermaid and her friends - Krabik Simon and Delfinchik, as well as many other old and new acquaintances - go to the depths of the sea to work together to defeat the insidious sorceress and save the groom. This is a favorite fairy tale in a new way: A magical adventure for children 4-7 years old and their parents; 11 mini-games and interesting tasks in a new story about your favorite heroes; A fairy-tale world inhabited by many funny characters. To play the disk in the drive is not required.
Russian ISO Demo 309MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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