Gateway Trilogy, The Cockroach Inc. / The Sleeping Machine 2006

Gateway I This is an award-winning minimalist adventure game series set in a mostly empty black void. It's an impressive and delightful 3D puzzle awarded Honorable Mention and the coveted Audience Award in JayIsGames' Casual Gameplay Design Competition. The game has a very simple premise: guide a robot through a series of rooms; but you will have to solve a mini-puzzle within each room to advance. Using the mouse for control, simply click where you'd like the robot to move and it will walk to that spot if its path is unobstructed. By moving the robot around each room you can pick up objects and interact with controls and devices. You can even combine objects that you've picked up in your inventory. And you will need to do all of these things at one time or another in order to finish the game (sometimes all of the above for the same puzzle). Gateway II (2007) This was runner-up as best game at JayIsGames' Casual Gameplay Design Competition. You again guide a robot, through a dream-like setting, in order to solve numerous and varied mini-puzzles for a seemingly unknown purpose (though a purpose there is, as you soon discover). Using well-placed musical cues and subtle environmental sound the author has created a virtual world that draws you in from the moment you launch the game. The setting and aesthetics are so enticing and mysterious, it doesn't matter at first that you don't know what your ultimate goal is (or indeed if you have one). Gateway III (Mar 31/2020) The lengthiest installment in the series by far – is released as part of The Gateway Trilogy which includes remastered versions of the first two games – plus a never-before-seen third installment. Features: loosely builds upon the previous games in surprising and discomforting ways; Appreciate the reworked music, gameplay and visuals; Experience strange and ambiguous stories; Solve tricky puzzles in an abstract minimalist void; Hard mode - Tackle 40 extra devious puzzles if you feel up for the challenge; Commentary - Listen to the creator outline the choices behind the game's design.
Gateway II - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by JayIsGames)
Gateway Trilogy - Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Gateway I - Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by

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