Cheburashka in the City of Mechanical Men [Ru] Media Art / New Disc 2007

A three-dimensional adventure based on the story of Eduard Uspensky "The Crocodile Gene and His Friends," with some learning for kids. He was once a strange nameless toy. He came to us from distant hot lands in a box of oranges. Then this beast, unknown to science, found its name by "cheburashka" from a couple of tables. And then we loved him so much that he became the closest friend of several generations of children. Since then, much has changed. Our children have new idols and favorites, new role models, but we are not always sure that these modern heroes will teach them kindness and attentiveness. And good fairy tales do not age, on the contrary, they become even more valuable and touching, connecting generations among themselves, helping children and parents find a common language. Here is a completely new story about Cheburashka, the crocodile Gene and their friends. Favorite characters remained the same, but the fairy tale on the computer screen took on not only a new form, but also an unexpected plot twist. Cheburashka, the crocodile Gena and even the saboteur Shapoklyak with the invariable favorite of the Crimean Lariska decided to travel a little. But what is it: the railway suddenly broke off - the railway bridge disappeared. To continue the journey, the heroes have to return the crossing. Solving the mystery of the disappearance of the bridge, they will do many good deeds: they will help the forest ranger feed the animals and clean the forest, help out the little girl and parents who got into the ... zoo. And most importantly - they will visit a fantastic city, whose inhabitants, robots, walk, talk, invent funny things and even write poems. Playing this wonderful quest and completing various tasks, the children will develop observation, memory and logical thinking, and parents will remember how great it is to be a child. The game is focused on the most playing children's audience - 5-8 years. Features: Classic three-dimensional quest for the whole family with the participation of your favorite characters; Bright game world filled with interactive objects; Interesting tasks for the development of ingenuity, attention and imagination; 15 locations, more than 10 colorful characters; A real Cheburashka - fluffy, kind and touching.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.11GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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