Zamek Movlab Studio 2013

This is the first Polish interactive movie combining two different genres - a short fictional film and a comprehensive documentary with archival footage. This virtual reality is based on artistic vision, portraits of contemporary people and the dark variable pages of history of the over one hundred year old Castle in Poznan. The fictional film tells an interactive story about a young filmmaker arriving at the Castle to make his next film. A seemingly easy assignment turns to a criminal intrigue in a mysterious reality. The spectator chooses his own path with up to four different endings. The documentary is an honest, several hour long journey around CK Zamek seen through the eyes of the young filmmaker. Only limited by the curiosity and sensitivity of the viewer. We can talk to the employees or a random passerby, watch the preparation of exhibitions and concerts and most of all get lost in the maze of the castles corridors and anecdotes. The archival footage adds old photos, postcards, documents, interviews and videos reaching as far as 1900. The construction of the Castle, World War II, the public execution of Arthur Greiser, the peculiar times of PRL, all this is to be discovered in the documentary journey around Zamek.
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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