Cheburashka: The Abduction of the Century [Ru] ID Company / Novy Disk 2010

Guard, a terrible accident. The old woman’s only treasure disappeared. Well, how can one remain indifferent? Even if the old woman is Shapoklyak, and her treasure is the nasty rat Lariska, we will certainly go in search of it. And the greatest detectives in the world, masters of the deductive method, Sir Crocodile Gena and his friend Cheburashka will help us. In addition to Gena and Cheburashka, no one wants to help Shapoklyak: she managed to harm almost all the inhabitants of the fabulous town. To talk with witnesses and get important testimonies, friends will have to not only provide good services, but also correct the consequences of Shapoklyak hooliganism. But on the other hand, they will learn how to make jam, set the time on the clock, catch flies for spiders, and weave a web for them (who would have thought that this was a purely intellectual task!), As well as crack boxes and knock apples off a tree. As you might guess, each of these actions is a fun puzzle or puzzle. And each puzzle brings heroes one step closer to unraveling the mysterious abduction. And what a surprise awaits detectives at the end. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - the investigation has just begun. Features: Carry out a real detective investigation - Who could need Lariska and why did the thief go unnoticed; Managing to talk with witnesses - How to appease a grandmother, make friends with a wise cat and feed a spider; Win all the puzzles - How to cook jam, catch a fly, weave a web and open the lock of the box; Explain to the old woman why friends are needed - Is it possible to re-educate Shapoklyak?
Russian ISO Demo 582MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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