Grottesco Absurdus Anatoliy Loginovskikh 2018

This is a bright transference crossover, absurd and chaotic. A vibrant mixture of childhood fantasies and fears becomes an unpredictable story. It's a surreal story, consisting of fun mini-games in different genres. It combines different genres: Top-down shooter, Side-scrolling shooter, Quest, Puzzle, 2D hardcore platformer, Casual, Arcade. Would you like to know what is waiting for you here? Your adventure is going to be fun and one of a kind: More than 7 game worlds; Dozens of various heroes; Different game techniques and visual styles; Pixel and hand-drawn animation; Simple mouse control, easy for any age; Authentic music ranged from 8-bit compositions to blues guitar parts; Including original soundtrack. It's the perfect cure for boredom and depression for the best price.
Download: None currently available

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