Disney-Pixar Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures AWE Games, Rainbow Studios Inc. / THQ Inc. 2006

This is an entry in the Disney/Pixar Cars group, based on the animated Cars movie, although this one is not much more than a series of short games leading up to a drag race against Lightning McQueen's arch-enemy, Chick Hicks. There are 10 activities all together, and each one has several levels; successfully completing all the levels unlocks a new car "opponent" for the Legends Race. Winning nine races lets you finish up with the main race against Chick Hicks. Activities include: Hip-Hop it Up - follow along with Ramone's dance moves if you can; Luigi's Fantastico Fun - Guido has to catch falling tires, and only tires before Luigi's customers arrive; Radiator Springs Curios - a memory game, replacing items in the Curio shop; Fill 'Er Up - follow the patterns on the gas pumps to provide full service for each of Flo's customers; Drive-in and Out - a tile sliding game, shifting cars around in the Drive-In parking lot so you can reach the exit; Speed Trap - arcade game, avoiding rocks and oil slicks as you chase speeders down the highway; Tow the Line - be Mater, picking up cars in the tow yard, without bumping into things; Tractor Round-Up - tractor-tipping. Don't bump into the tractors or the fence; Doc's Tune-Up - guide nuts and other obstructing items out of tailpipes without touching the sides; Sarge's Boot Camp - run Sarge's obstacle course. All the activities use mouse controls, clicking on on-screen directional arrows or holding a mouse-button down. The suggested age group for this game is 4+ - young players may need help understanding the instructions for some of the games, though the games themselves are fairly simple.
ISO Demo 480MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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