Slingo Random Games Inc. / Hasbro Interactive Inc. 1998

A combination of a slot machine and bingo. You are presented with a board of numbers. Press the spin button to spin the numbers at the bottom. If a number you need comes up, vertically, below one of your rows, press it to clear it. If a joker comes up, you can select any number in that vertical row. If a coin comes up, you get the points. If you spin a devil, you will lose half your points unless a cherub randomly saves you by shooting the devil. After sixteen spins, each spin will cost you points. If you spun a free spin, you can use it with no point loss. Spin seventeen will cost you five hundred points, spin eighteen, one thousand and so on to the last, twentieth, spin. If you clear the entire board by or before twenty spins, you receive a bonus.
ISO Demo 157MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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