Tonka Construction 2 ImaginEngine Corp. / Hasbro Interactive Inc. 1999

This is a single player construction game for children based on the toy vehicles brand. The game takes the player to Tonkaland where Tonka Joe is there to greet them. There are four activity areas in this game Tonka Mountain, Tonka City, Tonka Desert and Tonka Quarry. All areas play in much the same way. Each starts with an introduction from the character associated with that area who gives a little chat and explains the six stages of the work required. Then the player clicks on the mobile phone to order up the vehicles they need in turn. When the activities are complete the player clicks on the 'Celebration button' and along comes the mayor to declare the construction open and the player gets an award in the game's scrapbook. In the quarry for example the player has two tasks, to find buried treasure within the quarry walls and to make gravel. The treasure is found by selecting the bulldozer and repeatedly driving it into the quarry walls until a rock fall reveals something, or they could use dynamite which is easier but not really a Tonka toy. When all three pieces have been found the player must assemble them at which point the treasure is loaded onto a lorry and taken to a museum. Gravel is made by using a loader to pick up rocks and place them into a rock crusher. Tonka City is the same but has a bit of a twist. The player constructs a building by first selecting a digger and then clicking on a piece of ground until all segments are excavated. They then call up the cement trick and in one click the cement is laid. After that they place steel frames onto the lot to make the building frame to which they add walls, a roof, and 'green stuff'. This element has a feature that allows players to export their creations and to import other peoples creations. However there is only one construction lot in the game so importing a building means replacing the one the player created. Tonka Mountain has two activities, first the player builds a ski resort by placing some buildings in the snow, then they plough and decorate three ski runs. The final area of the game is Tonka Desert. This has the most activity as the player must build a road by first clearing a stretch of ground with a bulldozer, then use a grader to smooth the road, an asphalt truck to lay the tarmac, a roller to flatten it and finally a line painter to put in the lane markings. The game also has a 'scrapbook' which contains the awards the player picks up when completing the tasks and some pictures that can be printed
ISO Demo 600MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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