Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition Human Code Inc. / Hasbro Interactive Inc. 1999

Trivial Pursuit is a quiz game based on popular culture and general knowledge with topics such as history, arts, literature, geography, music, sports and nature. In this version, you can choose to answer from a multiple choice list or by typing in the answer manually with no options shown. For the latter, you can either choose to enter the exact wording, or to allow broader answers. In the classic mode, up to six players, you move your token over a board with a circular track and spokes by throwing a dice. If you answer the question correctly, you are allowed to move on. Each category is visible through a specific colour. If you answer a question correctly on the hub at the base of a spoke, you receive a wedge for your token. When a player collects the six wedges for each category, a final question needs to be answered in the middle of the board to win the game. In the party pursuit mode, up to three players, there is no board. Three topics are shown per turn, and each player can alternately select a topic. For each question, all 3 players can participate at the same time by pressing a button. Based on your answer, you either win or lose a wedge. If you answer is incorrect, there is another opportunity for the other players. The first player to collect all wedges, wins. The point pursuit mode, again up to three players, is similar to the party pursuit mode, but with points for each topic. If one of the players answer correctly, points are received, along with a time bonus for quick answers. After a set amount of questions, the player with most points wins. The game can also be played over LAN or internet.
ISO Demo 606MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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