Mamonas Assassinas CD-Rom [Pt] EMI Music 1996

Mamonas Assassinas (English translated as Killer Big Breasts) was a satirical Brazilian rock band. Their lyrics, music and live performances were as famous as their tragic end: on March 2, 1996, the plane in which they were flying crashed into the Cantareira mountain range, near São Paulo, causing the death of all the band members. The short lived band enjoyed a "meteoric" success selling a million records. The musical style employed a humorous mixture between rock and a wide range of styles. They often borrowed elements from other music, among which were the main riff of the Portuguese Vira ("Vira-Vira"), Northeastern Brazilian rhythms like forró ("Jumento Celestino"), Mexican music ("Pelados em Santos"), heavy metal ("Débil Metal"), sertanejo ("Bois Don't Cry"), and even pagode ("Lá Vem o Alemão"). This CD-Rom was released posthumously in July 1996 and contains images, videos, speeches, and photos of the members of the band Mamonas Assassinas , as well as comics, uncensored electronic games and a lot of humor. In addition, it also contains excerpts from the songs released on the 1995 Mamonas Assassinas album. By October 1996, 25,000 units of the product had been sold.
Portuguese ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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