Adventures of Captain Rumpel, The [Ru] TO HRC “School” / Bustard 2005

This game is based on the materials of the textbook E.I. Alexandrova “Mathematics 1st grade" published by the publishing house "Bustard". It's a full-fledged educational course, or a collection of lessons presented in a playful way and supplemented by a plot. The main character, in fact, is the player himself. On the island he meets a crab - captain Rumpel. Tom is tired of leading a boring life in his cave on the island - he wants to build a sailboat and go on a journey in search of a goldfish and, of course, treasures. The construction of the ship begins, and as soon as it is ready, you and the captain will go sailing, full of adventure and danger. Confrontation with the pirates, meeting with the genie, surviving the storm, solving puzzles on the way to the treasure and much more awaits you. The game is divided into 38 lessons, in each of which a new topic is held. Almost all are devoted to mathematics and computer science, but there is also a study of Latin letters, and, unexpectedly, locks and keys. Each lesson has a plot justification: for example, a simple sorting of nails is presented as an introduction to set theory, and the locks and keys will be studied, because we need to open the locked chest in which these nails lie. The first 15 lessons are part of the construction of a sailboat: there will be topics such as length, projection, drawing, knitting, etc. Then, adventures on the islands will begin, where, among other things, you will have to study the volume to pick up a bottle for the genie, and the trajectory of the projectile to get into the pirate ship from the cannon. The last step is the "school", where arithmetic will be passed. The game is fully voiced, and captain Rumpel is not just a character, but also a full-fledged teacher - his remarks depend heavily on the player’s actions, primarily on the correctness of his answers and decisions. Each lesson has been carefully worked out - after all, the product is truly educational - but sometimes this leads to excessive delays in a particular topic. In general, the program is designed for a long passage, and so that children do not spend much time at the computer, after half an hour of play in the upper right corner, the clock image flashes - a signal that it is time to take a break. It will be an omission not to say that the game offers to learn not only behind the monitor - almost at the very beginning we were asked to start a “logbook”, in fact a notebook where additional tasks should be performed. The game is made on the Flash engine; the picture is bright, high-quality, the crab's voice is clear, clear and well understood by children.
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