Hui Buh: Spuken bis die Zähne klappern! [G] Kritzelkratz 3000 / Tivola 2006

Based on a German movie "Haunt until your teeth chatter", which in turn is based on the novel by Eberhard Alexander Burg. In general, the adventures of the ghost Wu-Boo (oh, these involuntary jokes of the “Teleporn effect”) are quite a popular thing in Germany. And so much so that on the radio for two decades there were radio shows about his adventures. It is your task to scare away the artisans of the nasty Countess Etepetete. After all, you want to prevent the wedding between her and the lord Julius. But the countess has put ghost hunters on Hui Buh. Master the creepy game in 20 levels to rest in the castle.
German ISO Demo + No-CD Patch 199MB (uploaded by

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