Fisher-Price 123's Davidson & Associates 1996

This is a merry, musical journey that will teach your child all he or she needs to know about numbers - what they look like, how they relate to each other and to everyday life, even an introduction to the basic concepts of addition and subtraction. Laughter and learning abound as the Counting Critters invite kids to click and explore through the local snack shop, concert hall, and post office. And each surprise-filled location features a whimsical 1-2-3 sing-along song your child will love to hear again and again. It's all designed to captivate your child and build a love for learning. An enchanting mix of music, animation and fun, Fisher-Price 1-2-3's is an early learning tool you can count on. Kids will learn: How to count from 1 to 10; Number sequencing; Relationship of numbers to everyday life; Shapes and colors; Number recognition in written and verbal form; Math readiness.
ISO Demo 75MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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