BodyWorks: An Adventure in Anatomy Mythos Software / Software Marketing Corporation 1991

Bodyworks 2.0 (1991). Bodyworks 3.0 (1993) - An adventure in anatomy. Do you know... Where the coccyx is located? Why the flexor pollicis brevis muscle is important? When are twins formed? You'll find the answers to these questions and many more when you explore the new multimedia interactive. Colorful, photo quality graphics guide you on a journey through the body. Sound: Advanced "speech back" lets you hear the correct pronunciation of everything from the aorta to the zygomatic bone. Now includes 3-D rotating views and over a thousand glossary entries. Detailed animations and videos bring the intricate functions of the body to life. Magnified views and cutaways from the most elaborate cell structure to the different internal systems; skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, reproductive and more. Phonetic "smart search" directs you to any part of the body, even if you're not sure how it's spelled. Complete Health Section includes information on first aid, fitness, sports injuries, common illness, nutrition and more. Lesson plans and quizzes to enhance your knowledge of the human anatomy. Easy transfer of text and graphics to a wide variety of printers for creation of customized reports. For all the fascinating "inside" information- how the eye sees, what the epiglottis does, which vitamins you should take everyday- experience Bodyworks 3.0 and discover the miracle of the human machine. Colorful interface guides you easily through this exciting adventure in anatomy. Study the details of the cardiovascular system and how it interacts with the other anatomical systems. Learn about the different parts of the ear and discover how it transmits sound to the brain. Examine the different stages of pregnancy as the fetus develops from conception to childbirth.
Bodyworks 3.0 - Full Demo 5.7MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Bodyworks 3.0 - Floppy Images ISO Demo 6.5MB (uploaded by WinWorld)
1996 Classic Edition ISO Demo (Bodyworks 3.0 Windows re-release including AOL) 126MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
BodyWorks 2.0 - Floppy Images ISO Demo 8.17MB (uploaded by WinWorld)

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