BodyWorks 5.0: Discover The World Beneath Your Skin Softkey 1995

Explore the Miraculous Secrets of Your Body. Now with the miracle of multimedia lets you explore your body in vivid colour, text and sound. This brings human anatomy to life in brilliant 3-D images, so you can learn quickly and easily how your body works. With more information, more features and more fun than any program in its class, it will take you on the tour of a lifetime. Uncover the secrets of your nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. Explore the structure of your skeleton, muscles and organs. See how your skin renews itself, how your eyes focus and how your blood maintains its temperature. It's packed with thrilling and informative features: Rotatable 3-D graphics; powerful movies about the medical world; Dr. Body Works, your on-line teacher; and Body Basics, the exciting new TV-style game show. With the updated Body Works 5.0, you'll discover a whole new world of knowledge - beneath your own skin. Features: New! Enhanced graphics for more life-like images; New! Dr. Body Works Multimedia Classroom for faster learning; New! One-click access to the Internet expands your resources; New! Body Basics Interactive Game Show makes learning fun; 170 full-colour illustrations display comprehensive details; 25 3-D models you can rotate 360 degrees; 60 minutes of live-action video on vital medical subjects; Complete cross-referencing for instant information; Definitions of over 1,200 medical terms; Bookmarks to save your place; Easy exporting of text and graphics; Pronunciations of over 1,900 technical terms; Original musical scores.
ISO Demo 640MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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