ARI: Le Testament Créateur [Fr] Alexandre Venet 2013

From the creator of first-person graphic adventures like Alhomepage or Orisha comes this 2D platformer with RPG elements, you play a character who must, before saving the world, understand it. Child of Creation, you will be the champion, the ultimate protector. Let your mind awaken. Educate yourself, dedicate your existence to learning about this world. And may AL support you. Will you be able to understand the universe in which you are projected and eradicate the nightmare of the old Creators? The game contains seventeen different regions each accompanied by an original soundtrack, lots of quests and characters. You will have to make choices that may affect the course of events. After four years of development, it was self-published. Later, it was made freeware.
French Free Game 194MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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