Darkula Locomalito 2019

A long time ago, a group of legendary monsters joined together to create Deviland Park, the most impressive amusement park in the world. But after decades working and living under the bright lights, the creatures of the night have forgotten what it feels like to live wildly under the darkness of the night. Tonight, Darkula has decided to remove all the light bulbs from the park to show the monsters the natural beauty of the moon over the black sky. Go Darkula. This will be your big night. This is a frantic platform game designed as a 1983 arcade. It takes on the technical characteristics of the time in terms of image and sound, but provides a more polished gameplay and a carefully crafted point system for local tournaments. Collect all the bulbs to complete a level. Collect the bright bulbs consecutively to increase the challenge and get a growing bonus. Be quick, don't lose the special item and be careful with the monsters that surround you. Features: Appearance and playability of a 1983 arcade; Easy to play hard to master; Score system developed for competitions and tournaments; 6 unique levels + bonus phase; Control panel and gear for dedicated arcade booths.
Free Game 17MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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