Urban Witch Story [Sp] Postmodern Adventures 2020

Los Angeles, April 29, 1992. The jury of the Court of the Central District of LA has deliberated in favor of four police officers accused of abuse of authority against the citizen of color Rodney King and thousands of people take to the streets to protest causing an unprecedented revolt. That night, between looting and burning buildings, agents John Barker and Al Jackson attend a distress warning in the South Central neighborhood. The children of an old friend have disappeared. The only clue they have is a dangerous criminal who has frightened all the prostitutes in the neighborhood. In a race against the clock they must face violent criminal gangs, their own partners and even the supernatural. Features: 30 playable scenarios; 40 characters to interact with; Puzzles based solely on dialogues and inventory; Pixel-art aesthetics that emulates Sierra's first adventures based on the AGI engine; Point & Click interface; Spanish Language.
Spanish Free Game 267MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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