ScourgeBringer Flying Oak Games, E-Studio / Dear Villagers, Yooreka Studio 2020

Early Access Release From the developers of Neuro Voider, this is a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious entity wreaked havoc on all humanity, it puts you in the shoes of the deadliest warrior of her clan: Kyhra. Help her to explore the unknown and slash her way through ancient machines guarding the seal of her past, and maybe the redemption of humanity. Features: Dive into fast-paced rogue-platforming gameplay described by Eurogamer as "Dead Cells meets Celeste"; Slash and shoot your way smoothly with super fluid platforming controls; Sharpen your skills with a frantic combat system focused on attacks only; Dash forward to the otherworldly adaptive sounds of Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Broforce...); Defy hordes of unspeakable enemies and giant bosses holding the secrets of the Scourge; Explore the infinite depths of an ever-changing dungeon; Uncover mysteries and find mementos of previous explorers to unlock reality defining secrets.
Download: None currently available

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