Dreamo Hypnotic Ants / Carbon Studio 2020

This is a story-driven adventure puzzle game, where the player explores strange landscapes and solves interactive cube riddles to unlock mysteries of the dreamlike world. Featuring fully-voiced narration, the plot revolves around symbolism, morality, and the consequences of life choices. You play as Jack Winslow, an acclaimed pharmacologist trapped in a coma after narrowly escaping with his life from a plane crash. Assisted externally by dr Tara Moreau, you’re tasked with finding and connecting your memories in an effort to regain consciousness. The environment in DREAMO represents chunks of memories hidden in the subconscious of your character. Delve deeper into your mind and watch as the dreamscape unfolds before your eyes, revealing another piece of information about your past and its meaning. Your memories are locked in Artifacts, which manifest in your mind as three-dimensional cubes with misplaced gears. As the dreamscape evolves, the cubes start to feature increasingly complex internal machinery, making it much more difficult to access the locked areas of your subconscious. Features: Nearly 30 individually designed, fully rotatable challenging 3D cube puzzles with moving components and a variety of modifiers; Challenge Mode, where you can test your puzzle (Artifact) solving skills; Fully voiced narration; Relaxing gameplay formula; Expanding dreamscape; Low polygon environment with vibrant colours; Engaging three-chapter storyline exploring themes of memory, choice and consequence, and the impact we have on others’ lives. There's is a separate VR version that is purchasable also.
Challenge Mode - Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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