Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy Microids / The Adventure Company / Ubi Soft 1999

Amerzone (created by European artist Benoit Sokal) is a visual treat, the full-screen graphics are excellent and the animations involving the strange creatures you encounter on your journey are simply wonderful. The music and sound effects are also first-rate and contribute greatly to the overall atmosphere. The background for the story is an old Indian legend about the Amerzone, a mythical South American country. The legend told them that God created the beautiful white birds, which fly above their volcanoes there, in order to give them Eternal Life. These venerated birds never land, but instead are born, mate and die in the skies. But years ago, during the 1930s, someone stole the egg created by God, the egg of the white birds. Since that time both the land and its people have been at the mercy of evil, both spiritual and temporal. So as a young French journalist it becomes your mission to return the egg, thereby to right the wrong that was done and restore the dream which nourishes both the people and the land. This is a delightful game on 4 CDs, which will be enjoyed by all gamers, both seasoned veterans and beginners alike. It is a linear game with logical puzzles and few conversations, and one in which you really can't make a mistake, so it is great for the beginning adventurer. The game, first out in Europe, eventually appeared in North America in 2001 and a DVD version was released in 2003.
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Level Demo ~155Mb ( @
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Full Demo ~156Mb(uploaded by keropi)
DVD ISO Demo 2.66GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Included in: Syberia Collection (2009) DVD ISO Demo 4.11GB & scanned manual(uploaded by Shattered) * plus Syberia, Syberia II

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