Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 2 The Learning Company 1994

This is the second of the only multilevel series of interactive books designed to develop a child's reading skills and confidence. Interactive books and activities develop comprehension, vocabulary, and word recognition at each stage of a child's reading development. At the same time, the stories delight with animated illustrations and lifelike speech. No other interactive books do more to prepare your child for a lifelong love of reading. The game consists of two stories, which can be narrated by Sam the Lion or by two different characters from the story. There are also additional activities which include a list of key words, writing letters to the story characters, matching words and pictures and putting the story in order. The first story is "Country Mouse and City Mouse" which includes the titular Country Mouse and City Mouse and the Cat. When narrated by City Mouse, she feels adventurous and eagerly explores the country when invited by her cousin, but her mood goes down from long walks, strange new foods and going to bed early. She tries to keep Country Mouse reassured in the city, but is disappointed that he doesn't like the city. When narrated by Country Mouse, he cheerfully spends time with his cousin, oblivious to her misery. He accepts an invitation to the city and likes the rich food there, but feels overwhelmed by the existing dangers in the city. The second story is "Jack and the Beanstalk" which includes the titular Jack, Jack's mother, the Cow, the Farmer, the Giant, the Giant's Wife, the Hen and the Golden Harp. When narrated by the Giant, he expresses a love for gold and soothing music. He was disturbed by the scent of Jack's presence and angry about the liberation of the coins, Hen and Golden Harp and that all he can eat then are beans. When narrated by Jack, he is sad to sell the Cow. He is up for adventure in the Giant's castle, but quick to avoid being found by him. Originally on Windows 3.x, it was re-released in 1997 for Windows 95.
ISO Demo 606MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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