La Reine Des Neiges [Fr] Hyptique / Flammarion Organa 1996

At first glance, it might seem that we are just seeing the text of the “Snow Queen” by H. K. Andersen with illustrations. However, on the cover of the game there is the phrase “les contes vivants” (translated from French as “living fairy tales”), which very accurately describes what this is. Do not rush to scroll through the entire book with your cursor, just glancing briefly at colorful illustrations. Almost every page with a picture is interactive and can turn into either a full page spread or an FMV insert. Often in such games, people and backgrounds are combined very clumsily, but here everything looks very natural. After installation, you can even watch a movie from the developers about the creation of La Reine des neiges. There are no riddles in the game, although fragments of a broken mirror created by an evil troll are scattered throughout the book. One is even in a secret location, a U-turn. If you collect all of them, the mirror will be repaired and you can read several final pages, the text on which was blurred before. Although there is hardly a person who has not been familiar with this story since childhood. If you like multimedia picture books, popular in the 1990s, then you should like the game. She does not try to somehow rethink the tale, but sometimes this is not required by the classics.
French ISO Demo 155MB (uploaded by

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