Timanfaya: Verschollen in den Feuerbergen [G] Martin Lassahn 2008

The player takes the role of Frank Gruber, a tax officer, who takes a vacation on Lanzarote. But instead of relaxation he gets an lucrative offer: 50.000 € for finding the missing daughter of a businessman... During his adventure he travels to various Lanzarote places of interest (including the Timanfaya national park), talks to people in voiced multiple choice dialogues and solves item-based puzzles. The game offers three methods of control: the established two-click controls (left click for investigating an item and right click for interacting with it), the coin controls known from The Curse of Monkey Island (clicking on a hot spot brings up a coin where the player can choose the action) and changing mouse coursers known from Sam & Max Hit the Road (right clicking changes the form of the mouse courser and every one stands for a different action). When pressing the space button the game shows all hot spots and exits but this feature can be disabled.
German Free Game 160MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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