Adventures Of Sherman Toothrot, The / Sherman Bragbone: A Cupful Of Trouble (cancelled) Treasure Tales 2011

We are in 1647 and the game is set right through the historic events of the time. The protagonist is Sherman Toothrot, the brother of Herman Toothrot, former Governor Marley we all know. The young pirate Sherman Toothrot finds a bottle with a distress message from his brother, Herman. Sherman has to save him... The work on this Monkey Island style fangame started in 2003. The guys of "Treasure Tales" made the first demo in German and in English. The project changed name and became "Sherman Bragbone - a cupful of trouble", and during the Easter holidays in 2011 the authors have given fans a NEW demo though the fame was never completed.
Level Demo 282MB (uploaded by The International House of Mojo)

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