Omega: The Beginning Monkeys Tales Studio 2020

This is an interactive episodic tale on the delicate subject of friendship, starts with the turbulent story of young Teni, a spirited teenager with a passion for murals who lost his right leg in a road accident. Though the result of unfortunate chance, this will make you feel profoundly duty-bound. It will be up to you to look after Teni and to indulge his requests. The plot of an intense friendship will unravel on screen, leading to a totally unexpected epilogue. Episode 1 (Jan 10) In this episode you will step into the shoes of Scott, an irreverent teenager who finds himself desperately searching Teni, his best childhood pal. While tracking down your friend, you will often remember the terrible accident that crippled him, and will soon discover that a mysterious figure lurks in the darkness, scheming dangerously behind your backs. Features: World - In-depth exploration of the gaming environments will yield a wealth of information that will prove very helpful as the game develops; Graphics - A graphic adventure whose unique visual style combines traditional graphics and voxel elements (RealVoxel); Riddles - You’ll need all your cunning to solve the riddles you’ll be facing and to go forward with the story; Music - Specially composed for the game, the original sound track will envelop you in OMEGA’s atmosphere and enhance your experience with this small but great adventure; Duration - Each episode lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes, enabling you to enjoy this exciting experience like a veritable interactive movie.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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