G1Deon: Towards God [Ru] PolStan Studios / MediaHouse 2011

An independent independent project created almost entirely by one person responsible for design, characters, plot, music, voice acting ... Visually, the game is made in the style of an author's animated movie: the game world is a white blank sheet of paper on which the story materializes in pencil sketches its inhabitants. The plot develops around a man named Alan Spark, who since childhood has wholeheartedly believed in the existence of the mysterious Rain City, a magical place from a fairy tale that his father often told little Alan at night. That City was clean and happy - the rain constantly falling in these places washed away all their anger and resentment from people. One day, Alan learns about the mysterious records in ancient manuscripts reminding him of an old fairy tale, and sets off on a long journey full of interesting adventures, new acquaintances and mysterious legends. In parallel, the storyline of the tale, which Alan heard in childhood, develops in the game. The player finds himself in the middle of a white desert, not knowing who he is or how he ended up here. Following the events of a children's fairy tale, we come in contact with its world and the characters that inhabit it. The game “sounds” in English in order to immerse the player in the atmosphere, because the action takes place not in Russia. There are Russian characters in it, but the essence is in traveling to different countries, so the matter will not be limited to just English.
Russian Repack Full Demo + OST 1.14GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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