Where They Cremate The Roadkill The Gunseed Collab 2017

A thread of three lives confront the personification of appearances as it grows from larva to adult. At the dead-end of the future a telepath assists the embodiment of insanity and is marooned in the mind of a flea. In the primeval past one quadruped forages for food as a sentient cancer swallows the last of Earth's living tissue. Between the present's many crossroads a jobless coolie that cannot die kills for rebellion and revenge. All this as a desire for sleep returns in the heart of existence. Features: A populating cast of more than 700 unique characters; Few if any repeated assets with underlayers of content ensconced in half of every corner; Over 700 hand drawn landscapes; A fully animated interactive world where even shop vendors and ground worms can be targeted for a fight; Four playable incarnations of outsiders with visually distinguished chapters; A musical score of 132 tracks with themes converted from the protein sequences of nematodes (genetic music); Dialogue excised from near death accounts, bathroom graffiti, sensory deprivation tanks, witch trials, monastic exegesis and out of body experiences; Open Exploration with real-time combat; The death of novelty and an option to assassinate the Illuminati; Fungivores, Crumb Keepers and Rockings Sharks; Structurally anomalous, experimentally driven story and gameplay; The notion that when the real world is transformed into mere images...mere images become real beings.
Full Demo 1.98GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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