Eyewitness Virtual Reality: Bird DK Publishing 1995

Explore a dramatic virtual museum with amazing interactive exhibits. Enter a virtual museum dedicated to birds and experience the grace and beauty of these winged creatures up close with multimedia and interactive exhibits. From exotic parrots to hulking birds of prey to a host of bird-related icons such as the Egyptian falcon, this program has been researched by bird experts to provide a broad educational compilation of information for the student and the everyday enthusiast. Take a guided tour or use the handy navigation pad to wander through the exhibits at your own pace. A searchable index allows you to look up specific topics where you will find 3D exhibits packed with color and detail, photos, videos, articles, sound clips, illustrations, and diagrams. You will learn about the history of the bird and the different bird families, their feeding, mating and nesting habits, as well as the significance of birds in mythology and folk lore around the world. Features: Examine a small rare falcon by rotating it 360 degrees; See the world through the eyes of a vulture in flight; Learn how birds know to migrate Discover the mechanics of how they fly; Visit the Museum Store to create screen savers, printable stationery and gift tags, and save sound files; Assemble slide shows, and copy or print display windows.
ISO Demo 508MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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