Mighty Math: Astro Algebra Edmark 1996

Provides a strong foundation for algebra success. This teaches the concepts and problem-solving skills necessary to learn basic algebra. Students learn how to graph functions, translate word problems into solvable equations and represent algebraic expressions using the program's Virtual Manipulatives. Hundreds of problems in over 90 space missions provide students with a solid foundation for success in algebra and beyond. Special features include two learning modes which allow for directed and independent learning and strong support of NCTM standards. Skills Learned: Solving for Variables Expressions; Equations & Inequalities Functions; Graphing on Number Line & Coordinate Grid Ratios and Proportions Slope & Intercept; Fractions Decimals and Percents; Exponents; Problem Solving and Reasoning; Algebra Terminology and Notation. Features: Play with the Basic Building Blocks of Algebra; You understand equations better when you can build them with VariaBlox; Manipulate the Blox to bine like terms substitute or solve for a variable and multiply and factor simple algebraic expressions. An alert warns you when your equation is out of balance; Capture Satellites Meteoroids and Unusual Outer-Space Treasures; Drag objects into the Cargo Bay to sort them and solve a mathematical problem; Use the special sorting bins for translating between fractions decimals and percents and identifying equivalent rational numbers or exponential expressions; The Proportion Tool can help you solve scale factor equivalent ratio proportion and percent problems; Represent Multiple Points and Graphs of Linear Equations and Inequalities; Use the Grapher Station to solve problems and complete missions by identifying slopes and intercepts and solving systems of equations and inequalities; In some missions a Number Line replaces the coordinate grid and you can graph fractions decimals expressions and inequalities.
ISO Demo 634MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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