Banned Memories: Yamanashi Noah Pauw 2015

Yamanashi Academy, a beloved academy that was notorious for the most severe crimes that were committed over a span of 3 years. The academy was closed officially in 1993. After that, the 4 teachers who committed the crimes at the academy, died within a month after the school's closure. Some people believe that the teachers' spirits are still there. Hideo should have been among them, although he doesn't know why anymore, whilst the teachers paid for their sins and kept evil inside the school. But 5 years of torture would make any man crazy. Hideo found himself involved in some kind of strange plot involving four of the teachers who used to, you know, teach at the academy who had all committed serious crimes over the last decade. Hideo needs to find four keys, each with their own unique description and story to leave the school. But it won't go swimmingly. Third person survival horror game that takes you back to the late 90s with its dithered graphics and fixed camera angles. Play as Hideo who was brought back to Yamanashi Academy after a long period of time to solve the mystery of Yamanashi. Features: Interact with the game; Static camera angles as well as dynamic ones; PS1-style graphics and music; made with Game Maker Studio.
Free Game v0.3.0 21MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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