Silent House, The Jan Malitschek 2017

Sam Gordon, an investigator who’s struggling financially to keep himself afloat, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s called to handle an old drug abuse case that has resurfaced. Coincidentally enough, he also hears about a recent abduction case within the same area. He arrives to the mansion of the late Dr. Stone. The mansion itself is secluded in the middle of the forest, not too far from society. Sam parks outside and enters the abandoned property, prepared to do whatever it takes to keep his job intact. What he discovers will not only shape the outcome of his career, but his very life may be at risk as the detective realizes the home of Dr. Stone isn’t as silent as the police reports claim. Sam comes equipped with a flashlight, but wasn’t prepared for unexpected residents within the Stone property. He relies on quick-thinking and caution to evade any threats within the location, whether that’s to flee or hide. Sam is able to hop into closets and cower under tables in order to outsmart his narrow minded, but bloodthirsty, foes. He may have to activate secret switches within the property to reveal hidden doorways and start up old machinery to progress. There are various experiences within The Silent House that should keep any player engaged with the intense dread surrounding the game, whether that’s investigating the property or reliving the events leading up to the mansion’s silence. There are various achievements you can earn for those who believe they’re up for some challenges. Are you ready to survive the chemically-enhanced terrors that reside on the property?
Anniversary Edition - Free Game v1.6.0 124MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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