Down Ward Fisholith 2015

Early Access Release Play as Gable, a little owl, as she ventures into the haunted wilds. A flight-based pixel art platformer. This was created for GameBoy Jam 4, and is still being updated and added to. Gable has set herself to the task of reigniting the ward towers in the four-color wilds. Gather incandescent feathers and use them to relight the dormant tower cells. Spring jump: Down + Jump - (Using any move and jump keys.). Handy for making your way up through areas too tight for flight. Flight momentum: When flying, try not to switch direction too often, as you will lose a lot of speed and begin to fall. Flying in a consistent direction is the best way to maintain lift. Upward zig-zag: While flying at an upward diagonal, if you have to switch direction, it's best to overshoot before making your turn, so that you have enough space to regain momentum after changing direction. Wall banking: Reversing direction the instant you hit a vertical wall will preserve a little more lift than reversing direction in mid air. This is because when you bank off a wall, you stop instantly, and so you don't lose any lift while slowing down. Feather fall: Holding move Up, while falling will slow your descent. Level flight: You can fly horizontally, without ascending or descending, by holding left or right, and intermittently tapping the up key (takes a bit of practice). Attacking vertically: You can only attack vertically when you are not holding left or right. Skellies: Striking an owl skellie in the body will only knock it away.
Jam Beta v0.105.0 81MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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