Nick Bounty 3: The Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe Pinhead Games 2020

This is a comedic spoof on classic film noir detective movies as well as a narrative driven adventure game inspired the classic adventure games of Lucas Arts and Telltale games. It's a little bit Maltese Falcon, a little bit CSI, and a little bit Naked Gun. The story follows detective Nick Bounty and his quest to be taken seriously as a real detective. As the case unfolds, he becomes entangled in an absurd mystery that threatens to end his life... and his newly hired partner's too. This is the third game to feature Nick Bounty as the down-on-his-luck detective, but you don't need to have played either of the first two games to enjoy this one. Each game is a stand alone story to be enjoyed on its own. Features: Choose 1 of 3 sidekicks to help you solve the crime and customize your experience; Fully 3D characters and environments to explore; Built from the ground up in Unity; New evidence gathering/analyzing game play; Fully Voiced by talented voice artists; Jokes out the wazoo; *Wazoo not included.
Download: None currently available

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