Bratz 4 Real THQ, Awe Games, MGA 2008

This is an adventure game based on the movie based on the Bratz toy line. The Bratz are in their first year of high school. They’re going to be the most fabulous friends ever to grace Carry Nation High School! But the school class president has different plans and breaks up the Bratz girls into designated cliques. The girls want to find a way to bring all the cliques in the school together...and what better way than through a fabulous talent show. Relive your favorite moments of the movie and help Sasha, Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin bring the school together and show off their Bratitude. Play the game in 1-player story mode, multi-player mode, or play through 9 exciting mini-games. Design your own fabulous outfits using the Design Studio feature. Train and accessories your very own adorable pet. Unlock pictures and movie clips from the Bratz Movie.
ISO Demo 526MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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