JumpStart 1st Grade Reading / JumpStart Reading for First Graders Knowledge Adventure 1997

This focuses on teaching language arts at the first grade level. At the beginning of the game, Frankie introduces himself to the player and invites the player to his new home. Inside the living room, Frankie points out a framed photo of himself with his old friends from the circus. He says that he used to be a juggler, and begins demonstrating some juggling tricks, when suddenly one of Frankie's old circus friends, Katia, appears in his living room. Katia tells Frankie that Mel, the magician she was formerly an assistant to, was performing mean tricks on the other circus performers. Eventually, his tricks caused the ringmaster to fire him. This made Mel very angry, and he turned all of the top performers into jigsaw puzzle pieces and scattered the pieces around the carnival. Frankie vows to help Katia and the other performers. Activities (Actual names may vary): Madame Tigera's Story Cart, Mighty Mallet, Samson's Weight Match, Slick Sid's Arcade Games, Jungle Bowling, Food Fight, Pearl Hunt, Lost and Found Wagon.
ISO Demo 617MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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