Silent Hill: Play Novel Giromancy 2017

This is a freeware fan-made adaptation of the original Silent Hill: Play Novel game for the Game Boy Advance originally released only in Japan in 2001. This is developed in TyranoBuilder software. It's an interactive story. At certain moments, the game asks the to make a choice between two or more possible options which can affect the rest of the story. Besides the narration, the game features multiple endings. It's side story to the original Silent Hill. This is an adventure game along the lines of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. You are given some illustrated text, then choose from two or three options what you want to do next. Players control officer Cybill Bennett in an adventure that takes place at the same time as Harry's game in the original. Don't think that because you played Silent Hill, you know how this ends, though.
Free Game v1.5 57MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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