Mon Village est Magique: The Forgotten Crypt Simon Says: Watch! Play! / The Icehouse 2018

This is an interactive comic (kind of Visual Novel), created by the collective The Icehouse for Christmas 2018. It is a game with a short story to read, accompanied by various illustrations: characters, scenery and narrative views make the experience close to a small cartoon. For playres rom 8 years old and up (features nasty ghosts). Seb and Tommy are surprised by a violent storm and take shelter in the icehouse ruins, but the wind is too strong and their campfire goes out. Scared and frightened, they decided to face the bad weather with the hope of regaining the safety of their home. Alas they get lost on the way and fall into a hole hidden in the tall grass, forgotten by all.
Free Game 124MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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