Jorry Korozif 2020

This is a horror point & click game inspired by the classics of the 90's, including an action and survival game play. Fully playable with the mouse, it requires dexterity for the fights and logic for the riddles. This game contains violent scenes in 16bit, it is intended for an adult audience. Claire regains consciousness tied up and trapped in an unknown room. She does not remember anything, she feels like everything fell apart. How to escape from this nightmare and who is this mysterious little girl who seems to know her? Features: Point & Click inspired by games from the 90s; 2D Graphics in 320x200, 16bits; A lot of riddles and puzzles; Fighting system fully playable with mouse; Skills improvement system; Original atmospheric musics; Multiples ending.
2017 Level Demo 82MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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