Kamile: The Fall Bartosh Polonski / Gluk Media, UPĖ Media 2020

Set in 2084, Kamile VR will explore family aspirations to live a fulfilling life, while facing the reality of constant work and slavery for digital economics. At the time, the job market is already dominated by AI. To make a living, people are forced to lend their brainpower for Neural Mining processes and further empower AI capabilities. You’ll assume the role of Kamile, wife of a genius scientist looking to develop a new generation of AI. When work-related tragic incident turns into family drama, Kamile is forced to fight and flight in order to protect her son and his secrets. Her story will be told and relived in several narrated VR chapters. The game is being developed by a coalition of independent video game and film industry professionals. Features: this is a pilot episode. Runtime: 15-30 minutes (depends on your curiosity); a VR-only experience in 6DoF; English only; an interactive narrative experience rather than a classical VR game; By paying for this you support the development of narrative-based VR. We want to contribute to the genre. After you buy: Give us your honest feedback about what would you like to be improved; Request new features. The project is co-financed by the Lithuanian Film Centre.
Download: None currently available

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