Three Stooges, The: Treasure Hunt Hijinks TechFront Studios Ltd. / eGames Inc. 2008

The stooges must find the pieces of a treasure map for their landlord. This is a hidden object game starring cartoon versions of the famous comedy trio (using the classic Larry, Moe & Curly formation). The objective, as always, is to search the screen for the objects from a list. The stooges appear on each scene, and they hurt each other when the player clicks on the wrong spots. The game has two modes, Relaxed and Time Frenzy. The main difference is the amount of time available for each location, and the way the objects appear on the list. In Time Frenzy, only one object or group of objects are listed at a time. The hint cursor is a nose that sniffs the object and lights a lamp when over it. Two mini-games can be played at any time to win extra hints. In Smack Attack, the stooges punch and slap each other, and the player has to repeat their actions (like in Simon, where each attack corresponds to a color). In Nyuck and Duck, the objective is to protect the three comedians from dangerous flying objects.
Full Demo 108MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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