Yoho Ahoy: All Aboard BBC Multimedia 2000

This kids game is based on the British animated children's television series about a group of distinct pirates, known as Yohos, who take residence on board their pirate ship, The Rubber Duck. The title of the show derives from the fact that the only words that the main characters say, depending on their feelings are "Yoho" and "Ahoy". The characters themselves are animated puppets. Aboard the pirate ship Rubber Duck, the seven seafaring friends have seven games to play and young fans won't be disappointed as the activities are stimulating and the characters are all adorable. Choose from the seven different games on offer, each takes only a couple of seconds to load and are more about enjoyment than competitive scoring. Help screens are very useful and include the option to make each of the games hard or easy so that the challenge can be kept fresh as children get better at the game. The simple games and puzzles include "Toot with Swab" where players can make harmonious noises and direct the characters to blow over the top of bottles to play scales or form a tune. Another favourite is "Mop with Poop" where the player can direct Poop to clean up the dirty water Cat has spilled before Bilge makes his deck inspection. "Chairs with Grog" is a virtual game of musical chairs and is great fun.
ISO Demo 385MB (uploaded by Fingered Donut)

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