Powerpuff Girls, The: Gamesville Intelligent Games Ltd / BAM! Entertainment Inc. 2002

This is an action, arcade game starring the cartoon superheroes Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. In this escapade, the evil villain Him has trapped all of Townsville inside a computer game. To free the town, the girls must defeat Him in eight arcade-style games. There are two modes of play: Story and Arcade. In Arcade mode, the objectives include tossing Townsville kids at Broccoloid aliens, punching or kicking blocks into place before a bridge collapses, rescuing citizens and getting them onto a bus, and going into storm drains to save City Hall from invading monsters. Each of the girls has a special power to boost their health, skills, or attack effects such as mega-blast and temporary invincibility. In Story mode, players must finish the games in a specific order, using an easy or hard difficulty setting, and finish all levels before winning and thwarting Him. Each level has 30 coins which must be collected to unlock the games for unlimited play in Arcade mode. Using the included Comic Book Creator, adventures can be captured into four file image libraries: characters, props, backgrounds, and speech bubbles. Images can be flipped, rotated, positioned and scaled via the point-and-click interface, and printed out.
ISO Demo 425MB (uploaded by vintagecdromgirl)

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