Are We There Yet? Manley And Associates / Accolade 1991

This is a puzzle game, similar in design to The Fool's Errand and using the same game engine. Follow the Mallards, Mom, Dad, Tiffany, and Blip, on their journey to all 50 states, solving puzzles at two tourist traps in each state to find tacky souvenirs needed for the final puzzle. Solving puzzles reveals the Mallards' wacky diary entries and tourist trap trivia. Puzzles include Block Crosswords, Crosstics, Crosswords, Cryptograms, Hangman, Jigsaw, Anagrams, Rebuses, Mazes, Magic Squares, Word Searches, and others.
Full Demo 1Mb (@ Juego Viejo)
Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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