Nancy Drew 2: Stay Tuned for Danger Her Interactive, Inc. / DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. 1999

This second title in the Nancy Drew series has the titian-haired sleuth posing as an extra on a soap opera, trying to expose someone who's been threatening the show's star. Kids "become" Nancy and navigate the program in first person viewpoint, exploring, searching for clues and solving puzzles. In the first hour of play, you have to gather clues in an actor's apartment, make your way to the television studio, search it and piece together a torn letter that is found in a jewelry box. As you explore, you collect items for use later on, namely keys, a VCR remote control and a visitor's pass to the sound stage of the soap opera. You can also call Ned on the telephone for a little TLC and phone Nancy's buddy George for a little sleuthing advice. The graphics are great, the game is very playable and the feeling of suspense and danger is definitely there. The game has three levels of difficulty and an embedded help system.
ISO Demo 589MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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