Arthur's Quest: Battle for the Kingdom 3LV Games / ValuSoft, Inc. 2002

Play as Arthur in this 3D first-person action/adventure game in his quest to save the kingdom from evil. As the chivalrous knight Arthur, you hack, slash, bludgeon and shoot your way through levels filled with mythical beasts (monsters), lethal opponents (evil dwarves) and real enemies (Morgan Le Fay). With the aid of wizard Merlin and the countenance of the Lady of the Lake, Arthur takes up mace, bow and arrow, and the bejeweled Excalibur from a first-person perspective in this quest to defeat evil and bring peace (and his rule) to the kingdom. Play through 11 levels built on the Lithtech Talon engine fighting evil enemies from dark dwarves to werewolves. Find faeries along the way to increase your attack and defense and to heal your wounds. This game is a single player game only.
ISO Demo 201MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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